Color Blind People Can See Colors With Color Blindness Glasses

Color Blind People Can See Colors With Color Blindness Glasses

Finally Color Blindness Glasses Technology can bring colors to the colorblind people life!

Color Blindness Glasses discovered by an accident

In fact, color blindness glasses were developed as surgeons safety glasses! Just by accident scientists found that they can be used by colorblind people. Back in 2005 Don McPherson was playing ultimate Frisbee with his friend Michael Angell. McPherson was wearing a sunglasses. Angell asked to borrow glasses because he admiring Don’s eyewear. Michael was in shock by what he saw! “I can see the cones,” said Angell referring to a set of orange traffic cones nearby. As a result, sunglasses engineered by a materials scientist Don McPherson, actually allowed Michael Angell to see the orange hue for the first time! That’s because sunglasses distinguished orange color from the surrounding grass and concrete.

People Wear Color Blindness Glasses and See Colors for the First Time (Video)

No words can describe emotions of those people!

Best Gift for colorblind person – Color Blindness Glasses

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Just some, out of hundreds, of Color Blindness Glasses reviews

Words cannot describe my gratitude for your work. Recently, my wife emailed you for a pair of glasses and you expedited them to Phoenix for her. I write to you, sitting on the back porch, wearing them now. After 27 years I am able to differentiate reds, greens, browns, blues, and purples for the first time. Even more amazing, the weather in Phoenix has been very wet, and I saw a rainbow for the first time. I really SAW it. This morning has been amazing and overwhelming. It hit its peak when I was able to look into my wife’s eyes and see the many shades of green and brown – something I cannot think about even now without getting emotional. Thank you for bringing a new, colorful perspective to life.

Ray D.

Everything is just more vivid and clearer. It is like if you take a television and you turn the color knob up and it just all gets brighter…. I’m able to see colors in the way that they should be seen. And I am realizing that the way I have been seeing them is just a more dull and constricted version of the color, and now it just exploded.

Daniel S. / Protan


Probably, the best review is to see the reaction of people wearing color blindness glasses…

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